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McAuley Nazareth Home for Boys
A Haven for Hope and Strength for Troubled Youth Since 1901.
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Children meet with their therapist on a weekly basis. Therapists are available for daily consultations, crisis intervention, and additional time as needed for individualized support.  Therapists work to build rapport and trust with youth and utilize interventions such as play therapy, solution-focused therapy, sensory integration strategies, art therapy, and animal therapy.  Assistance and support are given to develop coping strategies, learn expressive skills, and address trauma history.  The individual work complements the group-work process. 

Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation incorporates activities that bring pleasure, relaxation and enjoyment while improving one's health and wellness. Through consistent structure in our daily routines, mimicking the typical routines of family life, therapeutic recreational opportunities are scheduled as appropriate outlets to release physical energy (organized sports, games), build self-esteem, allow for creative expression, and unifiy the participants. Supervised activites teach essential life skills (turn talking, problem solving, reciprocal conversation, and collaboration) while exploring the youth's strengths, talents and skills, pro-social modeling and teaching positive interaction, all instill multiple benefits: successful endings, safe/secure situations, identifying new interests, exploration of themed topics, and peer mediation/appreciation/understanding. 


Family therapy may include biological parents, extended family or a potential pre-adoptive/foster family. The therapist works with the family to foster positive relationships, aid in and prepare the family for a child's return, assist the family in termination or adoption processes, and educate the family in the child's diagnoses, treatment, and effective trama-informed care parenting practices. Treatment occurs based on the individual family's needs and by DCF's request. 


Group therapy consists of a group of youth chosen with similar age, developmental level, and treatment needs. It is an ongoing treatment modality whose topics change to meet the needs of the youth. These may include a variety of topics such as social, sexual, relation, grief and loss, with the intent of education, building skills and increasing self-esteem. 


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